Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N231

PHY 10: Coding 1
Session Chair:  Daniel L. Noneaker, Clemson University

PHY 10-1:  An Optimal Degree Distribution Design and a Conditional Random Integer Generator for the Systematic Luby Transform Coded Wireless Internet
T. D. Nguyen, L. L. Yang, S. X. Ng, L. Hanzo (Southampton University)

PHY 10-2:  Decoding with Early Termination for Rateless (Luby Transform) Codes
Ali AbdulHussein, Anand Oka, Lutz Lampe (University of British Columbia)

PHY 10-3:  Improving BER Performance of T-DMB System by Error/Erasure Correction in RS Codes
Minh-Viet Nguyen, Kyungsu Ko, Young Serk Shim, Hwang Soo Lee (KAIST)

PHY 10-4:  Packet Oriented Error Correcting Codes Using Vandermonde Matrices and Shift Operators
Ali A. Al-Shaikhi, Jacek Ilow (Dalhousie University)

PHY 10-5:  The Throughput Analysis of Different IR-HARQ Schemes Based on Fountain Codes
Dino Sejdinovic (University of Bristol), Vishakan Ponnampalam (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd), Robert J. Piechocki, Angela Doufexi (University of Bristol)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N236

PHY 11: Localization and Ranging
Session Chair:  Murat Uysal, University of Waterloo

PHY 11-1:  An Improved Method for GPS-Based Network Position Location in Forests
Christopher L. Hutchens, Brian R. Sarbin, Alyse C. Bowers, Jason D. G. McKillican, Kyle K. Forrester, R. Michael Buehrer (Virginia Tech)

PHY 11-2:  Architecture of a 802.11b Access Point with Single-Packet Radiolocation
Danko Antolovic (Indiana University)

PHY 11-3:  Enhancements to Linear Least Squares Localization Through Reference Selection and ML Estimation
Ismail Guvenc (DoCoMo USA Labs), Sinan Gezici (Bilkent University), Fujio Watanabe, Hiroshi Inamura (DoCoMo USA Labs)

PHY 11-4:  Novel Ultra Wideband Low Complexity Ranging Using Different Channel Statistics
Giovanni Bellusci, Gerard J. M. Janssen, Junlin Yan, Christian C. J. M. Tiberius (Delft University of Technology)

PHY 11-5:  Trade-Off Driven Hybrid Wideband Source Localization Algorithm for Acoustic Sensors
Hsiao-Chun Wu, Suresh Rai, Jinhui Liu (Louisiana State University), Yiyan Wu, Xianbin Wang (Communications Research Centre)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N238

PHY 12: Coded OFDM
Session Chair: Mostofa K. Howlader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PHY 12-1:  A High Throughput Technique for OFDM Systems
Nuno Souto (ISCTE/Insituto de Telecomunicações/ADETTI), Rui Dinis (ISR/IST), João Carlos Silva (ISCTE/Insituto de Telecomunicações/ADETTI), Paulo Carvalho (UNINOVA/FCT-UNL)

PHY 12-2:  Error Rate Analysis for Bit-Loaded Coded OFDM
Mohammad Mohammadnia-Avval, Chris Snow, Lutz Lampe (University of British Columbia)

PHY 12-3:  On the Performance of Concatenated Space-Frequency Block Coding for OFDM Systems
Tung X. Lai, Siva D. Muruganathan, Abu B. Sesay (University of Calgary)

PHY 12-4:  Unitary and Non-Unitary Differential Space-Frequency Coded OFDM
Engin Zeydan, Didem Kivanc (Stevens Institute of Technology), Uf Tureli (West Virginia University Institute of Technology)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N233

PHY 13: Multiuser MIMO
Session Chair:  Ye Li, Georgia Institute of Technology

PHY 13-1:  A CCI-Feedback-Aided Scheduling Technique for MU-MIMO
Keying Wu, Lei Wang, Liyu Cai (Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.)

PHY 13-2:  Joint Stream-Wise THP Transceiver Design for the Multiuser MIMO Downlink
Wei Miao, Limin Xiao, Yunzhou Li, Shidong Zhou, Jing Wang (Tsinghua University)

PHY 13-3:  Robust Linear Processing for Downlink Multiuser MIMO System with Imperfectly Known Channel
Pengfei Ma, Xiaochuan Zhao, Mugen Peng, Wenbo Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

PHY 13-4:  Robust Transmission for Multiuser MIMO Downlink Systems with Imperfect CSIT
Hongmei Wang, Xibin Xu, Ming Zhao (Tsinghua University), Weiling Wu (BUPT University), Yan Yao (Tsinghua University)

PHY 13-5:  Successive and Dynamic Precoding Scheme for Multiuser MIMO Systems with Limited Feedback
Min Huang, Wei Miao (Tsinghua University), Gang Wu (Philips Research Asia), Shidong Zhou, Jing Wang (Tsinghua University)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N223

MAC 05:  802.16
Session Chair:  Ahmed Helmy, University of Florida

MAC 05-1:  Design of a Packet Scheduling Scheme for Downlink Channel in IEEE 802.16 BWA Systems
Tsung-Yu Tsai (Institute of Information Industry), Zsehong Tsai (National Taiwan University)

MAC 05-2:  On the Performance Bounds of OFDM-based 802.16 Broadband Wireless Networks
Ikbal Chammakhi Msadaa, Fethi Filali (Eurecom Institute)

MAC 05-3:  Low Complexity Utility Based Resource Allocation for 802.16 OFDMA Systems
Guowang Miao (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nageen Himayat (Intel Corp.)

MAC 05-4:  An Indexing Scheduler for Delay Constrained Scheduling with Applications to IEEE 802.16
Nitin Salodkar, Abhay Karandikar (IIT Bombay)

MAC 05-5:  Performance Modeling of Power Saving Classes with Multiple Connections for Broadband Wireless Networks
Yu-Pin Hsu, Kai-Ten Feng (National Chiao Tung University)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N221

MAC 06: Cooperative Communications
Session Chair:  Abhrajit Ghosh, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

MAC 06-1:  Using Incompletely Cooperative Game Theory in Wireless Sensor Networks
Liqiang Zhao, Hailin Zhang (State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks), Jie Zhang (Centre for Wireless Network Design)

MAC 06-2:  WiFlex: Multi-Channel Cooperative Protocols for Heterogeneous Wireless Devices
Jiwoong Lee (University of California at Berkeley), Jeonghoon Mo, Tran Minh Trung (Information and Communications University), Jean Walrand, Hoi-Sheung Wilson So (University of California at Berkeley)

MAC 06-3:  Optimal Strategies for Cooperative MAC-Layer Retransmission in Wireless Networks
Lixiang Xiong (University of Sydney), Lavy Libman (NICTA), Guoqiang Mao (University of Sydney)

MAC 06-4:  One4All Cooperative Media Access Strategy in Infrastructure Based Distributed Wireless Networks
Qi Zhang (Technical University of Denmark), Frank H. P. Fitzek (Aalborg University), Villy B. Iversen (Technical University of Denmark)

MAC 06-5:  Achievable Rates for the Three User Cooperative Multiple Access Channel
Çag˜atay Edemen, Onur Kaya (I??k University)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N219

NET 07: Vehicular Networks
Session Chair:  Alvin Lim, Auburn University

NET 07-1:  Mobility Pattern Aware Routing for Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks
Chia-Chen Hung (National Central University), Hope Chan (Institute for Information Industry), Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu (National Central University)

NET 07-2:  Performance Evaluation of Vehicular DTN Routing under Realistic Mobility Models
Pei'en Luo, Hongyu Huang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Wei Shu (University of New Mexico), Minglu Li, Min-You Wu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

NET 07-3:  An Efficient Collision Avoidance Strategy for ITS
Tarik Taleb, Keisuke Ooi, Kazuo Hashimoto (Tohoku University)

NET 07-4:  Connectivity Aware Routing in Vehicular Networks
Qing Yang, Alvin Lim, Prathima Agrawal (Auburn University)

NET 07-5:  Mobility-Assisted Location Management for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Zhaomin Mo, Hao Zho, Kia Makki, Niki Pissinou (Florida International University)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N220

Session Chair:  Suleyman Uludag, University of Michigan – Flint

NET 08-1:  An Optimum Multiple Metrics Gateway Selection Mechanism in MANET and Infrastructured Networks Integration
Fudhiyanto Pranata Setiawan, Safdar Hussain Bouk, Iwao Sasase (Keio University)

NET 08-2:  Simulation and Performance Analysis of MP-OLSR for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jiazi Yi, Eddy Cizeron, Salima Hamma, Benoît Parrein (University of Nantes)

NET 08-3:  Cooperative Transmit-Power Estimation in MANETs
Ivan Wang-Hei Ho (Imperial College London), Bong Jun Ko, Murtaza Zafer, Chatschik Bisdikian (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Kin K. Leung (Imperial College London)

NET 08-4:  PAMP: Power-Aware Multi-Path Routing Protocol for a Wireless Ad Hoc Network
Jin Seok Yang, Kyungran Kang, Young-Jong Cho, Sung Yoon Chae (Ajou University)

NET 08-5:  RTRD: Real-Time and Reliable Data Delivery in Ad Hoc Networks
Kai Han, Guanhong Pei, Binoy Ravindran (Virginia Tech), Hyeonjoong Cho (ETRI), E. D. Jensen (The MITRE Corporation)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N222

NET 09: Wireless Mesh Networks 3
Session Chair:  Vincent W. S. Wong, University of British Columbia

NET 09-1:  Internet Gateway Deployment Optimization in a Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Network
Bing He, Bin Xie, Dharma P. Agrawal (University of Cincinnati)

NET 09-2:  Soft QoS in CSMA/CA-based Wireless Mesh Networks
Cecil M. Reid, Paul A. S. Ward (University of Waterloo)

NET 09-3:  Solar Powered WLAN Mesh Network Provisioning for Temporary Deployments
Ghada H. Badawy, Amir A. Sayegh, Terence D. Todd (McMaster University)

NET 09-4:  Optimal Node Placement in Hybrid Solar Powered WLAN Mesh Networks
Amir A. Sayegh, Sasthi C. Ghosh, Terence D. Todd (McMaster University)

NET 09-5:  QoS Support over UWB Mesh Networks
Hongqiang Zhai (Philips Research North America)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008
14:00 – 15:30
Room N224

SAA 02: Emerging Wireless/Mobile Networking Applications 1
Session Chair:  Xian Liu, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 

SAA 02-1:  Bluetooth 2.1 based Emergency Data Delivery System in HealthNet
Seung-Hoon Lee (University of California at Los Angeles), Sewook Jung (Broadcom Corporation), Alexander Chang, Dea-Ki Cho, Mario Gerla (University of California at Los Angeles)

SAA 02-2:  Combining Cricket System and Inertial Navigation for Indoor Human Tracking
Michael Popa, Junaid Ansari, Janne Riihijärvi, Petri Mähönen (RWTH Aachen University)

SAA 02-3:  Intelligent Weather Systems with Fuzzy Logic Controller for Satellite Networks
Kamal Harb, Changcheng Huang (Carleton University), Anand Srinivasan, Brian Cheng  (Eion Inc.)

SAA 02-4:  A Vehicle Collision Warning System Employing Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communications
Shie-Yuan Wang, Yow-Wei Cheng, Chih-Che Lin, Wei-Jyun Hong, Ting-Wei He (National Chiao Tung University)

SAA 02-5:  On the Availability of Wireless Sensor Networks
Xian Liu (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)




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